Who we are

For over 10 years, the BRVAL ELECTRICAL is the leading provider of armored substations and cubicles in the State of Rio de Janeiro and since your foundation comes getting approvals and recognition by major companies and electric utilities of all Brazil. Under the command of electrical engineers with over 25 years of experience in the segment your team has excelled for the absolute commitment to quality, respect the standards, and focus on full satisfaction of its customers, suppliers and employees.
With a Research and Development Center located in Valença, Southern of Rio de Janeiro state, BRVAL remains in permanent evolution, developing your product line and always investing in machines to optimize your production process. Offer innovative solutions, improve quality and lower costs will always be the goal. This is how we will continue consolidating our growth and an increasingly relevant position on the national scene.


Overcome challenges is in the “DNA” of the BRVAL. In 2005, when we were asked by a client to develop an innovative swgr set, with peculiar requirements of securitization to a more affordable cost than the alternatives available in the market, we spare no efforts and investments in projects/ essays and brought to market our first generation of cabins, reinforced conventional substation model G1.

In 2010, we’ve improved the initial design and innovate once more with a Reinforced Cabin model (or Armored Substation) with reduced dimensions, the G2 SLIM.

Following in the trail of permanent innovation, four years later, we launched our third generation of medium voltage swgr. Modular and compact design, the BR6 was conceived under the SF6 technology and has several advantages over all modular products available in the market.

Seeking to offer a range of products to our customers, beginning in 2018, we acquired the Ultrapower medium and high voltage, company also certified as to the standard ISO9001, and so we incorporate to our medium voltage portfolio. Since then, we have two plants producing under the brand name BRVAL- Unit I in Valença/RJ and the Unit II in Salto/SP.